June 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Leslie!

A few years ago, two online scrapbook friends of mine sent an e-mail to myself and a few other wonderful women. The e-mail was an invitation to join a group for scrappers with similiar styles. How could I ever know back then that these wonderful women would become some of my very best friends? So, when one of us has a birthday, we always do something for the birthday gal and this time it is Leslie's turn. So, happy birthday to my friend Leslie - even if I am a little late! (Image removed for publication.. but trust me that it is pretty!)


Briana said...

What an awesome card!!! Beautiful!

Leigh Gray said...

Did you make that card? - that is incredible. You should consider going into card making!

I have really enjoyed looking at your pictures!! You do a great job making a blog fun to look at!!

Leigh Gray

Ubergoober said...

Very sweet of you! And its beautiful! Very kewl banner too :P Glad to see you got it up!