July 5, 2006

Holiday Weekend!

We got back yesterday from a nice, relaxing weekend with my family in Western Pennsylvania. It was really nice to not have much of an agenda this time, although we did manage to do more than sit around and play with kittens! (but really hard not to do just that... look at the little faces!)

We did all the typical summer stuff: had a cookout, went to the carnival, made s'mores, sang around a bonfire, watched a movie, played horseshoes, played with sparklers, swam in the pool, etc. And one day we made a trip to the mall for some shopping and pedicures! It was my niece's first one and I am happy to report that she may be hooked!

As for scrapping, Louise and I did just a little bit. Not surprisingly, I didn't do a single layout. But I managed do make some rolodex cards for some friends, playing with some of my new stamps from Paper Salon! Here is just a peek at part of it, since I want it to be a surprise!


Kara said...

Jennifer!!!!! How are you? Your weekend sounds perfect! Great pictures too!

Shaunte Wadley said...

Great pictures! Love that paper salon...looks like some must haves!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I am dying to see your rolodex cards. From what I can tell, they are fabu!