September 15, 2006

I Like This

I picked up one of those little local papers when I ran out for lunch and this is what my weekly horoscope told me:

"Though you may have been keeping your shopping down to the bare necessities, it could be the time to splurge on that one frivolous item."

Now, since this is a weekly horoscope I take that to mean I should go buy seven frivolous items. Am I right?


Cheryl said...

I totally concur. I don't see how it could possibly mean anything else.

And BTW LOOOVE your new banner!

Karen said...

Haaa!!! I like the way you think, Sizemore.

Anonymous said...

Too Funny!! I think you took care of all 7 days at the crop today!! ;)

Denise said...

Hey man -- that was me that left the last comment! I hit Anon instead of Other...guess I'm tired.

Jennifer said...

I think you have no other choice in this matter. So what are you going to buy?