September 11, 2006


I cannot believe it has been five years since the attacks of September 11, 2001. So many times if feels like happened just last week, and other times it feels like it was forever ago. The one element that remains constant is the sadness that never goes away.

We all have stories about where we were, how we felt and how this event has impacted our lives. I personally will never forget the evenings at my computer, looking up the names of the Pentagon victims to determine if ASMC had members killed. I remember hoping that they would not be members, and then thinking that it wouldn't matter, they were still gone. I found 15 of the 184 killed that day. I remember thinking about them, some that I knew, others that were just a name to me. Was he married? Did she have children? Is he a grandfather? I didn't stop crying for at least three weeks.

I have a book on my coffee table at work, called One Nation. I have thumbed through it so many times, seeing the images, but never reading the stories. I did that today, just a few of them. I read stories of personal tragedy, strength, courage and humanity. Firemen going in to a burning building, office workers stopping to help a lady in a wheelchair who would not otherwise have been able to get out, rescue teams working around the clock to find survivors. And yes, I am crying again.

edited to add: Project 2996 is an amazing blog tribute to those that lost their lives five years ago today.


Carmen said...

it was a defining moment. our generation's Pearl Harbor. I've been crying all day reading these memories and the tributes.

Jennifer said...

It is hard to believe it has been 5 years already, isn't it? It makes me sad to think about it but I hope we never forget. Hugs.

Digital Fortress said...

Five years have come, and five years have gone, and still we stand together as one…

I did not know any victims, but I learned a lot about my asigned person. His tribute is on my blog.

9/11 is what compelled me to re-join the military and do my part.

Zelda said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I cried so hard writing it (I have two little girls also) and I'm afraid I'll never be able to do him justice. Your personal insights will probably mean more to me than I could ever say and I'll never be able to forget him.

molly said...

This was lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment. You're right, the sadness never goes away. I remember that day right down to the smallest detail, and I have trouble remembering my kids' names on some days!
On a much more mundane note, I notice on your favorite shopping places you list Brighton! How I love Brighton. I live outside NYC, and there are no shops anyplace near me, a good thing or I'd be constantly broke. Not many people around here know of them.
Checked out Keni Thomas per your review. Not much of a country music fan, but loved his voice and point of view. He's a hero.
All my best to you.