November 10, 2006

Go Ahead... laugh at me.

First, Happy Veteran's Day. I hope you have a chance today to remember or thank a veteran.

Today was a nice relaxing day off. (Well, technically the day off was yesterday. Friday.) Jacob had his friend Michael over to play, which was also nice for me because they kept each other entertained in the basement. As long as they didn't hurt each other or the pets I was set. I didn't count on it being me to get hurt by one of the boys. I was walking down the stairs with them in front of me. They were both carrying light sabers. I must have timed it just right to step on one, or maybe it was the lollipop wrapper I found later. I was down. Bump bump bump. We got about five steps from the bottom and I took Michael down with me. We both landed at the bottom, laughing, and me with my bum bruised or rug burnt or both. It still hurts to sit.

Like my new eraser?

On the up side, I cleaned all the bathrooms and Jacob's room today. I did two loads of laundry. Caught up on my e-mail. AND I got a layout scrapped. All in all, a good day. (Oh, and I have since fixed the typo.)

Paper: Rhonna Ferrar for Autumn Leaves
Font: Futura
Rub-ons: I can't remember? Do you?
Sakura Gel Pens
Star: from Target $ spot


Cheryl said...

All in all an excellent day (minus the bruised bum) - love your layout and the eraser is CUTE!

Di said...

Ouch. Sorry about the fall!
Thank heavens you got to laugh when you guys landed!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a very productive day. "Bum"mer about your fall, though. Glad you lived to tell about it. :)

Paula said...

OUCH!! but what a productive day - love this LO :))

Mo said...

LOVE that eraser!!! Too CUTE! And, that layout is SUPER CUTE!!!! Sorry about your bum. :( Mo

Denise said...

Could you SUPER size that eraser for me!! Love the layout. Hope your bum's recouped!!