January 2, 2007

Family Box

This is the box and album I made for my parents, with a few of my favorite photos of my brother's and I (and spouses and kids) over the past few years.

As I selected photos for this project I came to a conclusion. I really need more photos of my brother Rob and his wife, and my parents. Sounds likes a resolution, doesn't it?

Box, Melissa Frances
Paper, Scenic Route
Flowers, Jolees by You and Making Memories
Font, Futura


Jennie Gift said...

Jen, I love the box. I noticed you changed the paper you selected for it. It turned out great.


Denise said...

Hey Jen -- Love the box. Turned out great! I also want to know the font you used for "Piture This" on your banner. Love it!!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely amazing project, Jen. I would LOVE a gift like this (hint, hint).

Paula Clark said...

What a beautiful project and wonderful gift - so thoughtful :)

Angelia said...

Love your box and family album!