January 30, 2007

Love in the Air

February is such a busy month for me, but I had to make one of these pennants after seeing Korie's beautiful art. I even made little matchy hearts to put on tags around the necks of the wooden ducks that sit on the mantel. Isn't that romantic? (yeah, ducks are really romantic)


Reen said...

I'm feeling the love Jen! This is so pretty and so perfect for Feb.


Jennie said...

Check you out! What a cute idea! Was this all paper or did you use fabric like Korie's?

Cheryl said...

This is SO cute Jen!

(and I am working on my "tag" - it's hard to find 6 weird things about myself. I am quite normal.)

Lorna Arlett said...

I have mine all cut up and needing to be assembled! arent they fun? did you use chipboards for the letter? Lorna

Lynn said...

Jen, this is fabulous. I LOVE the colours you've used. Just beautiful girlfriend.

AnneMarie said...

what a great banner you have!
I have a card that I stamped that on..

your LOVE banner is cute too.. I should do one and suprise dh with it in his office at home!

melissa c said...

Very cute - love this idea!!


Korie said...

Love it!