April 18, 2007

Jennifer Needs...

As I was scrolling through some Scrapjazz blogs today, I saw this fun idea on Leslie's blog. And since I am currently in a wasting time and self reflective mode, I decided to do it myself. Just go to a web browser and type your name followed by the word "needs" after it, both in quotes.

Here are my top hits:
1. Jennifer needs a smack daddy.
2. Jennifer needs a cold shower. (hmmm.... does it work for women?)
3. Jennifer needs help! (in so many ways!)
4. Jennifer needs to be prosecuted. (hey now, what did I do this time?)
5. Jennifer needs not only the title of president but also the authority to run the country. (ok, I can admit to wanting my own way a time or two)
6. Jennifer needs to develop age-appropriate language for social situations. (neener neener)
7. Jennifer needs advice, not products. (not true... give me products)
8. Jennifer needs to make the rounds—fast. (I am not touching this one.)
9. Jennifer needs to know your new address. (Did you move and not tell me???)
10. Jennifer needs to leave some mystery in her life. (perhaps telling all on a blog does not really achieve that goal.)

And to bring further attention to my narcissism, I would like to share a comment made by my friend Cheryl on one of my layouts:
"Pure wonderful Jen Sizemoreness" I am not exactly sure what it means, but I like it :) Mosty because it must mean I have a style, right? I am never quite sure if I do, since I like to experiment and try new stuff. The only thing I can ever really see the same on my layouts is that they are all linear and come few and far between. Anyway - Thanks, Cheryl!


Anonymous said...

I'm so not hip . . . what the hey is a "smack daddy"? Ya think you might want one?

Cheryl said...

LOL! You narcissistic little thing! You defintely have a style and it's totally unique to you!