April 22, 2007


Jacob is truly my child. And the proof lies in his Chess Club experience. He wanted to join this particular club because his friend Quinn was in it. At the beginning, he was enthusiastic and went to every meeting. Each week, the enthusiasm wore off just a tiny bit more. Oh, he was winning and learning and having fun. He even got a cool Chess Club shirt (really, as cool as Chess Club shirts can be.) But Chess Club means getting to school an hour early. Following me now? Which means getting up an hour early. Which, of course, means getting to bed an hour early the night before. As I said, he is truly my child.

I found a little time last night to work on a digital page with a Chess kit from Jennifer Wellborn. I have been wishing for something in the chess theme for a long time, and now I have it! Good thing, because I am not sure how much longer Dave or I Jacob can get up early for Chess Club. I have big plans to make something with the flashcards in the kit, too.

Next Sunday, if you are anywhere near Northern Virginia, come shop with me!It is at the Prince William County Fairgrounds (indoor building) in Manassas, Virginia from 9:30am - 4pm. It is a fantastic event, organized by Get Croppin' Scrapbooking Events. More information may be found at their website.

ps: Happy Earth Day!


Jennifer said...

Chess club, huh? I don't think I would enjoy waking up an hour early for that either. Glad he is enjoying it, though. :) Love this layout! Awesome use of that kit.

Lorna Arlett said...

I love the the layout! I need more experience with digital layouts! I will be there on tuesday, too. bad I will miss the yard sale. :(

Wendy said...

What a super layout Jen! My little one wants to learn how to play Chess - we've tried a few times but my gosh, now that is a game! I hope it all workds out for you guys! I know I couldn't do the early thing!!!

Becky said...

Did you know I was just at your blog yesterday???

Well, I love looking through your LOs, they are fabulous! Especially those cards!

dh is trying to teach my dd that is only 4 years old to play chess, I just say "good luck"! ;)

I would LOOOOOVE to go shopping with you, too bad I didn't live a few hundred miles closer!