May 9, 2007

Just a Minute

Poor Jacob hears "Just a Minute" and "No" from me ALOT.
The proof:

Jacob: Can I play on the computer?
Me: Yes, in just a minute.
Jacob: I brought my airgun up here in case you said no.

And here is the card I made my mom for Mother's Day. (Hope she isn't looking.)

Wonder if I will get one from Jacob with an airgun on it? Or maybe a clock?

Ink: Fiber Scraps EZ Tintz in white
Stamps: Junkitz and Stampin 'Up


Leslie said...

wonderful card Jen! I won't get to make any cards for another month I'll bet...still unpacking and settling in. I'll live through your designs though LOL

Anonymous said...

Uhh, that's freakin' hilarious.

Cassandra said...

Very cute card!

and my kid has started asking me to define "maybe" ????? UGH!!!

by the way, I always look forward to seeing your blog headers!

Jennifer said...

Love the card. Perhaps you could sell one to Lance because I'm sure he won't get around to buying one. :)

And I hear you on the "no" and "just a minute". I was supposed to find the cord to Jordan's radio in "just a minute" 3 weeks ago!

Cheryl said...

HAAA!!!! Funny boy you have!

Darling card :)

Mo said...

Beautiful card!

Jeanette said...

Love the card.

Are you cropping on Saturday with Get Croppin? If so, I'd love to pick your brain on some bridal shower invitations I'm working on. :)