June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Jacob and I went to Punxsy this weekend to celebrate Edna's 95th birthday. Edna is my grandma-in-law, so to speak. That is, she is Louise's grandmother - and Louise is my SIL (for those of you that don't know.) Anyway, I was taking some pictures after the party of the family and love this one - with all of them acting silly. Jacob had to get in the picture, too, even though it was supposed to be immediate family.

Anyway, happy birthday to this beautiful lady!
I would like you to meet Duke - one of the newest editions to their menagerie. Duke is a Harlequin Great Dane - and just the sweetest thing. Just look at those eyes! I didn't get a shot of Jake, the new long haired chihuahua. If Louise sends me one, I'll be sure to share. It really is a funny site to see them both together.

...and the last shot from the weekend - my cheap labor taking a fun break. I did a little gardening at my parent's house, and this was the help I took with me. Really, that wwere a huge help - they just needed lots of breaks.


Di said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Edna! How fun!
And cuuuuuuuuute dog!!!

Jennifer said...

What a fun picture. So glad you had a nice time and Happy Birthday to Enda!

Leslie said...

I am loving your blog Jen! it's the best! love the music!
Happy birthday to Edna!