July 21, 2007

No Name Yet

I called Dave from the Animal Shelter, after a completely impulsive stop.

"Can I adopt a kitten?"
"But it is very cute."
Significant pause, followed by a sigh.
"It is too soon."
"Did I mention it is cute?"

Isn't he? He has wondered all over the house, jumping in boxes and climbing under and over everything.
Cocoa hissed.
Beau scared him into an accident. That's what Jacob claims, at least.

And still we have no ideas for a name. Some ideas have included Ghost, Snowball, Foster (as in the cartoon), and Kazoo (also from the cartoon). Jacob now wants to name him Red, White and Blue. (red points, white body, blue eyes). And he also says Daddy can't name him because he didn't want us to get him. Harsh, isn't he?



Lorna Arlett said...

he is so adorable!! okay, even when I'm allergic to them, he is cute!!

Jeanette said...

Very sweet kitten you've adopted. I like the name Foster. Or how about Merlin?

Tammy said...

Awww, he is a cutie!
We also adopted (a kitten) from the animal shelter soon after losing our dog.
Kazoo is a cute name!

C.U. Stampin said...


now you know why i NEVER go to the animal shelter. i'd have to have a farm.

paul says his name should be fluffy... isn't that obvious???

Karen said...

Awww, what a cutie. :) I like Kazoo..but then again I'm partial to names that begin with K.

Cheryl said...

Do a google search for "cat names" and several sites with random name engines will come up. Try it and see if you find a good one. I helped my parents name their new cat this way. We ended up with Dusty because he lives in my dad's wood shop. This is very strange because my husband's name is Rusty. Whatever works!

Mary said...

What about something patriotic? Like freedom, liberty, or such.. since he is red/white/blue.
He is adorable!

Angelia said...

He is very cute :) Reminds me of my cat, Ali (Himalayan Flame Point) that I had for 11 years. Name suggestions - Mink (he looks so soft and shiny), Flame, or Jacks (his nose looks like the color of Apple Jacks cereal floating in a bowl of milk).
Enjoy your new kitty!

leslie Herbert said...

AWWWW JEN! I love your new kitty! you could be original and name it kitty! to be just like us CS'ers!!! LOL

Jennifer said...

Awww, SO cute! Personally, I am partial to the Classic Scrapper original, "kitty" but if you feel the need to give him a real name, I guess that's okay, too. :)

JENNY B said...

what a cutie Jen!!! enjoy your new baby!

Cheryl said...

He is adorable!

cmbrunker said...

He is so beautiful! Congrats on your new family addition. :o)