August 21, 2007

The end of the trail.

We took advantage of a nice day (translated to mean low humidity) to hike at nearby Mason Neck State Park. For my outdoor phobic friends - yes, that means we went OUTSIDE in the heat of summer. We chose the Woodmarsh Trail, mostly because it is closed for a large chunk of the year to protect the nesting grounds of the eagles. This first picture looks out over the marsh. We did not see eagles. Or beavers. Or Herons. Perhaps they were in a nice air conditioned building.

We didn't know that the three mile hike included numerous little bridges. Our little troll made us solve a riddle at every bridge. And I do mean every bridge. Fortunately for us, Jacob's riddles always have an answer centered within his direct line of vision.

What is black and has a head?
Give up yet?
My hat.

Move over Albert Einstein.

We came upon this sign - from behind it. Oops - guess we went off the proper trail for awhile. That was Dave's fault - he made us cross where he knew there had been a bridge in the past.

And the cutest two critters on the trail.....


Leslie said...

looks like some fun even if it was HOT!

Di said...

Someone's got to go out and blaze a trail.
Better you than me. :)

Paula (poncho) said...

They always say to explore the untravelled paths LOL. I loooove bush walking - there's nothing like getting out in the fresh air and taking in some beautiful scenery. Looks like a great place and I love that bridge troll :)

Leslie Herbert said...

LOVE Jacobs riddle! That looks like a gorgeous place to go hiking at Jen.

Jennifer said...

Wow. Your photos are fantastic, especially the first one! And I am laughing at Joseph's riddles. Funny kid you have there!