August 28, 2007

He is Stupid Funny

A few nights ago, we decided to rent Epic Movie. Jacob had never heard of it, and so asked if he would like it. As I tried to explain it to him, I told him it made fun of other movies and that it was "stupid funny." His immediate reply was that he would like it, "because I am stupid funny." I couldn't help it. I laughed. That trait obviously comes from his father.

Speaking of J and how he makes me laugh....

I was cleaning out some stuff he brought home from second grade, in preparation for the deluge of paper that will come home next week on the first day school. I found this little gem in his writing journal.

"When I am 100 yers old I will be in heven. I will look like a pile of bouns. (bones) I will be somewhere in heven. Dead peuple will take care of me."

I would like to believe that the journaling prompt had something to do with being 100 years old, and not about dead people.

Here is my stupid funny boy a few years ago. (I used a sketch from Scrapbooks, Etc.)


chris said...

what a cute boy he is. i think i might have a "stupid funny" boy here too!

layout is... of course FAB!

Leslie said...

loving that LO! I'm gonna sketch that out and do it myself!

Paula (poncho) said...

LOL too cute :) Love the LO - great colours!

Scrapdragons said...

Love your sweet!
Great LO!!


Jennifer said...

Stupid funny = my favorite! Funny that he could make the correlation. And I LOVE this layout! Awesome colors and arrangement.

Mo said...

I LOVE this layout!!! The colors are just so wow!!! Fabulous!!!!