October 16, 2007

It was going to happen someday.

Did you ever just know something was going to happen before it does? I think women have this sixth sense (or is that logic?) that gives us the ability to see the future. For me, that moment was when I received Jacob's teacher assignment this year. Because I knew that his best friend had been assigned the same teacher.

One mischievous boy is entertaining. Two of them together can get into a little trouble. And that's what happened.

Jacob and his buddy were sent to the principal's office. It seems they had gone to the restroom, where you would think had limited potential for mischief. Maybe in the days before pump soap. But these two boys made an impulsive decision to pump soap all over the floor. And it was in that moment that a teacher walked in.

No DS for two weeks. And, he doesn't know it yet... but he will be helping me mop the kitchen floor every weekend for a month. What good is punishment when it doesn't represent the crime?

In scrappy news, I finshed up a stamping article for Scrapjazz last night. Here is one of the projects... you'll be able to see the rest of it in about two weeks.

If you didn't see it, the article using the Woof Woof set that I previewed here a few weeks ago is now up. A special thanks to my friend Dawn for the cute saying on the brown fire hydrant card. Isn't she clever? The template for the easel is a little small on there (I think you can right click to save). If you want it via e-mail, just send me a note at jdsizemore@aol dot com.


Nancyroo said...

oh,no! The principal's office!! Sheesh. Love your tag!

Lorna Arlett said...

sorry to hear that Jacob got in trouble, he probably learned his lesson. :( the card turned out really cute! love the colors

Briana said...

No way about the soap. I'm glad you blogged about it. Years down the road it will be funny :) Love the project!!

deb said...

Soo pretty!

Jennifer said...

Boys will be boys. :) He could have gone to the principal's office for a lot worse. Maybe this experiencce will put him on the straight and narrow (although we both know that probably won't happen. LOL). Love the project. Your articles are always fabu.