November 29, 2007

Let's Talk About Girls

Tonight, I had the rare and enviable opportunity to go to the movies, escorted by two eight year old boys. And not just any movie, but a GIRL movie. A tale about true love and kissy kissy and all of that GIRL stuff. Enchanted, complete with singing, and shopping and KISSING.

"Why," do you ask "would two boys be going to see this movie?"

Well, first - it was a fundraiser for a softball team. But more importantly, it meant that Jacob and his best friend could get together on a school night. And act all crazy, weird and boyish. Around girls.

Jacob's favorite part of the movie was when the chipmunk pooped on the counter. Michael's favorite part was when the girl in front of him turned around and belched -loudly. My favorite part was at the end during the KISSING part, when all the little girls up front started cheering and giggling. I glanced over at Jacob and Michael just in time to see their looks of digust, perhaps mingled with just a little bit of curiosity.

And speaking of girls. I did this layout last weekend of Jacob with his favorite (and only) girl cousin.

The scrolled chipboard from Fancy Pants was inked in pink, and then coated with Stickles. I would also like to point out that this is my first use of my very own Amazing to Zany word set from Stampin Up! I no longer have to borrow Chris' set - so expect to see lots more of it! I also pulled out my dusty sewing machine and bravely changed the bobbin. Now you shall see lots of sewing until the next time I need to change the bobbin. My 8th grade sewing teacher would be so proud.


Di said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Cute Jacob!
I can't wait to see that movie!
LOVE your header and the song!

Korie B. said...

I think I've bought every set of chipboard Fancy Pants has come out with. I can't seem to get enough!
I love your layout. I think I'm gonna scraplift it tonight when I hole up in my studio for some "me" time!

Paula (poncho) said...

Don't you just love that age of innocence :) I hope you enjoyed the movie - how special being escorted by two gentlement too :) Love the LO - It must have a nice change to do a girly one :)

Lorna Arlett said...

this layout is so girly!! I love it. Hey, I can do girly layouts now, my nieces!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like I need to see that movie. I enjoyed your recap. :) And the layout is beautiful. Love how you used the chipboard.

Cheryl said...

I am your biggest fan Jen - what a beautiful page!

I am dying laughing at your story about the movie - I have so been there with my boys :)