February 13, 2008

Nine Years Ago

It is hard for me to believe that nine years ago I was in the hospital bring a beautiful baby boy in to the world. How can my baby be nine already? What scares me more is that next year he will be ten. Double digits. Yikes. Last night I asked him if he was going to turn nine, or if he would do me a favor and go backwards a year to seven. His reply - "No, I didn't have a Wii when I was seven. And I wasn't as good at video games." Can you see what is important to my kid?

He had a great day, so he says, even though they did end up having school after a delay for icy conditions. We took he and his best friend friend for dinner at Applebees - where they have the best desserts! Have you had one of their little dessert shooters? They are perfect - smaller so you can always have room for one. They are such a brilliant idea!

Here he is with the gift from Dave and I.
Inside the bag is a Mario Olympics Wii game.

We also spent some time over the weekend making his Valentine treats, using a wonderful idea from the February Paper Crafts. We filled the bags with one of my favorite candy treats, then stamped a monkey from Stampin Up! Jacob personalized the monkeys with colored pencils - some of which has striped bodies and big hair. Didn't he do a good job? (although I don't think you can see the one that has a huge bloody gash on its head.) Click on the picture for better detail.


danasmith said...

Jen....I want to play that game too! I've heard it is soooo much fun for adults too! Let's play some night.....and scrap and eat and then play some more!
What's the yellow candy? I don't think I've ever seen them before!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob! I haven't tried the dessert shooters at Applebee's...I just drool on the menu when I see them LOL
I love your Valentines! Where in the world did you get all those banana Runts? That's my fave out to the bag too.

Di said...

Awwww - happy b-day to sweet Jacob!
Hugs on him!

Lorna Arlett said...

how cute, I bet he loved the game! cute monkey stamp and the candies! one of my favorites too! Happy valentines!

Cassandra said...

Isn't it amazing how our boys can age but we don't???

Jennifer said...

Where does the time go? Happy birthday to Jacob! What a great idea for the treat bags. He did a terrific job.

Paula (poncho) said...

They grow up way too fast don't they - I can't believe I'll have a teenager this year :( Love the valentines goodies :))