April 18, 2008

Go Caps!

We'll be at the game tomorrow - section 112- screaming for the team and the win.

I'll be practicing my new favorite hockey term - SCRUM. Dave said it a few nights ago and I was instantly fascinated. Doesn't it sound like a word you want to work into everyday conversation? "What's all the Scrum about?" So what's it mean? It is the battle over the possession of the puck. You know, when half the team is clustered up against the boards and it seems a fight will break out before that puck comes loose. Go ahead, drop it into a conversation and see if it doesn't make you giggle. (although others may look at you strangely)

ps: If you are interested in impressing people with your knowledge of hockey terms, I found a really good site here.


Denise said...

Hey Jen -- Hockey is the only sport that I like to go to. Hate to watch it on TV. Was an avid Caps fan years ago. Even have a regulation jersey with the teams autographs on it and an 8x10 of Dennis Maruk and me that was taken one year and then the next year took it back and got him to autograph it for me. Was really cool!! Enjoy the game and yell a scrum for me!!!

Cheri Pryor said...

Scrum. I love it!!! I think it will be my new pretend-curse word. Eat scrum! Liking the sound of it already...