April 6, 2008

Missing Sleep

Why has no-one ever thought to warn me about sleepovers?

1. I wouldn't have bothered to think I would get lots done while they entertained each other.
2. I would have put them in bed at 7:00 pm so they would be asleep by 10:00 pm.
3. I would have hid Echo, who is entirely too patient for two nine year old boys.
4. And finally, I most definately would have made sure Dave was home.

Tonight, I think even I will get to bed early, telling myself that I will miss these things when Jacob is older!

Here is all I managed to do with playtime this weekend, in between grocery shopping and loads of laundry.

- a layout inspired by Jill Hornby, on the KI Memories blog. Lots of different papers on this - K&Co., American Crafts and Scenic Route. Some Doodelbug jewels and MM flocked letters.

- puchasing a new cabinet for my scrap room at Home Goods. Isn't it beautiful? I am filling it with all of my alphabet stamps. Pretty scary that it is more than half full. (but still with room for some growth!)
Hope you enjoyed your weekend, not matter how fast it went by!


Heather said...

tehehe . . . .oh sleepovers! You have to plan for them to be up late, late, late! The worst is when my niece comes to spend the night with my 2 girls!

My friends think I'm crazy because I'll let the older 2 kids have slumber parties for their birthdays -- we typically have between 10 and 12 kids! EEK!

Loving that new cabinet!

Louise Maine said...

Didn't want to burst your bubble on the phone. Get used to not getting anything done. It is a perpetual state as they get older.

Love the cabinet!

Tammy said...

for your "collection" of stamps???! LOL hee hee
that is adorable! LOVE IT!

Cheryl said...

We are still holding out on the sleepover thing. And you've just confirmed my thoughts on the matter ;)

And I LOOOOVE your cabinet.

Cheri Pryor said...

Were they actually in bed by 10:00? Because typical sleepovers in my house had them falling asleep around 2:00 a.m.

You agreed to one. You're doomed now. lol!

Leslie said...

I don't know that I'll ever do another sleepover...of course that's easy to say now when I don't have a child looking at me with pleading eyes for a friend to come over.
Beautiful cabinet! I can't wait to find some things like that for organizing my stuff one day.

JeanetteS said...

That is one pretty cabinet. I think I'm due for a visit to Home Goods. :)

Paula... said...

I love having the girls friends sleepover - they have so much fun :) I looooove that cabinet - just beautiful!!

luv2scrapmilestones said...

Just found your blog. Your pages are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I, too, live in northern VA, (Leesburg)! And, yep, the seasons, especially spring are wonderful in this region.

Be well and full of joy!