May 3, 2008

Bad Blogger

That's me - bad blogger. I haven't had a minute to spare this week for an update, or more importantly, to read other blogs.

For those that don't know, April and May are my busiest season at work with my annual conference the last week of May. I made the biggest, most IDIOTIC, mistake of my life on Wednesday. I had my registration company send an e-mail out to all 3800 attendees that listed my name and contact information at the bottom of the e-mail. My throat is just RAW from being on the phone. My fingers are bleeding from the amount of typing in reply to e-mails. I could lay down on the couch and sleep for a week to recover from all of the late nights and extra hours.

Do you feel bad enough now to forgive me for being a bad blogger?

I'll leave you with this pretty little project then. My friend Maggie (who does NOT blog at all) and I do crafts shows every once in awhile for fun. We made a few of these little gift boxes to sale. The little albums are blank, so that people can add their own pictures. And there is room left inside for a little gift. I think a jewelry box would fit perfectly. (which reminds me that I lost an earring in my car somewhere this week. I must find it before it gets sucked into Jacob's domain of spilled candy and endless sea of toys and books.)

(The boxes are 4 x 4 and are from AC Moore.)


Louise Maine said...

I have felt like a bad blogger of late. Writing on my professional blog and forgetting the personal one, writing blog posts in response to others I have read (#1 - not writing original content and #2 - writing my blog post and not commenting!). I joined a comment challenge called 31 days to better blogging. Is that enough o break my bad habit?

Louise Maine said...

BTW, great boxes! Forgot to do that!

Lorna Arlett said...

hey, I forgive! not been a very good blogger either, been to busy, baseball, work, and moving in!! love the boxes, I should blog the box I made....I will soon.