June 3, 2008

My Goofball

One of the things Dave and Jacob did while in Orlando was go to the Blue Man Group show which they loved. Jacob took some of the streamers and made a hat. Somehow, I don't think you will see it on the Paris runways. Or maybe you will, some of those fashions are way out there.

And since I have your thoughts on my little goofball, send out some positive thoughts and prayers for him. He has been having these litle trancelike seizures, which his doctor is almost certain is Petit Mal. We are scheduled to see a nuerologist in July, and until then, we just have to watch him carefully when he is in water or other potentially dangerous situations. Wait and worry.
Oh, and he reminded me today that all girls are evil. (I don't remember how that topic came up) Except for moms. We are ok. Whew.


Anonymous said...

Awesome moms like you should be granted a non-evil status. Girls are evil - especially since they are from Venus.

Jacob will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. You will be as well - I know the stress your under with everthing but always remember to look towards the future. For every setback you go through creates new, exciting amd meaningful opportunities that will last you a lifetime once you overcome that challenge in front of you.

Mo said...

Prayers for all of you!!!!!

Paula... said...

Oooh July seems so long off and too long to wait. I hope all goes well with Jacob in the mean time. I'll be thinking of you all.