September 22, 2008

Welcome Autumn!

What? It isn't Autumn yet????

It certainly feels like it here, with suicidal squirrels jumping out in front of my car everyday and the nights getting dark and chilly by 8:00. The house across from my office window has a pumpkin out. I say "bring it on!" Autumn just makes me happy.


Well, for some of the obvious reasons, like the beautiful fall colors and the amazing weather. Football. What else?

Hockey season - Pre-season games begin this week! My UPS driver Tom has season tickets and due to an unfortunate circumstance, has to sell many of them. I am going to October 18 (Devils), November 8 (Rangers) and December 10 (Bruins) games and am excited to ROCK THE RED again this year.

Sweater weather - Oh, yeah - I love wearing sweaters and jackets. Especially when I am outdoors with a nice cup of spiked hot cider or around a bonfire with s'mores. I am eyeing this red cashmere argyle from LL Bean. I can also wear it to ROCK THE RED.

Fall decor - I love the earth tones that fill my home, so of course I love everything my favorite stores bring out for sale in the fall. My favorite so far is Pottery Barn, with their Panna Cream collection and the velvet linen pillows. I can get the pillow in Tuscan Red and ROCK THE RED.

Fall leaves - This is what our yard will look like in a few weeks. And Dave will look just as tired (and lost amongst the piles).

Now that I read back on those things that make me happy, I realize something... most have to do with spending money. Uh-oh, there goes my budget! (yes, I really have one.)


Dianne said...

I CONCUR! I looooove the fall!
It just brings out the warm fuzzies, huh?
I already have 2 pumpkins out. I just couldn't wait!
And yes, get that sweater!

Louise Maine said...

You and I are on the same wavelength. Your parents were over and I mentioned how it was Fall as I had canned apples and made a fresh pie for dinner. I was really wanting to make chili but still too hot. I say bring it on! I love Fall!

Leslie Herbert said...

I am a fall lover too Jen, with your words you made me feel like we are having fall, even though it's supposed to be 102 degrees today here in AZ. :) HUGS!

Cassandra said...

I'm ready for hockey season, too!