October 23, 2008

Another Week

And only one post the whole week. Is my life that boring? It may very well be, but it doesn't feel like it!

Let's see - we went to another hockey game. My UPS driver at work - Tom - has season tickets and we have bought several games from him. GREAT seats - right next to the visitor box. I could literally reach out and touch the other team. If I wanted to, that is. And if there wasn't a big burly security guard standing there. Look how close I am to Ovechkin! So what if there is glass between us!

Spent last Saturday morning selling Scout popcorn, because I had a weak moment and agreed to be Popcorn Kernal. Anyone want to support Cub Scouts by buying some?

Also started this little album for a project for book club. We all bought these Rusty Pickle letters YEARS ago at GASC and have never used them. I'll post inside pages when they are actually done!
Sorry - No Squirrel Murder update. Seems that Jacob is destined for any career that rewards procrastination. If he finds one, I expect he will have to hire me.


Cheri Pryor said...

I've never been to a hockey game...professional or otherwise.

Don't hate me.

Lorna Arlett said...

hey, I have those letters! haven't used them either, :( wish I was there to play.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo jealous of you getting to go to hockey games...that right there makes your life not boring. I haven't been to one in ages...Loved being down close too...hockey player sweat smells sexy! LOL. Can't wait to see your album when you're finished!

Paula... said...

LOL I must lead a borning life also because I'm lucky to do one post a week lately :-P

Great score with the hockey tickets and love what I've seen ofthe bookclub project so far :)