March 10, 2009

Camera Woes

Like my friend Jeanette, (who had tagged me) I have never done this before. I have never taken a picture of myself using a mirror.

I had a few REALLY good excuses why I couldn't play this game of tag. Going out of town and busy at work, all of my mirrors are dirty, all of my mirrors broke mysteriously. But the top excuse is that my good camera won't work. Seriously - it is flashing "CHA" error. But wanting to be a good sport, I did some research and discovered that it is a camera card error and easily fixed by getting my SD card back from Maggie.

So, here is what you get. You get a few awful photos using my camera phone, which I have not figured out how to use. I will also leave you with a promise that when the three people I tag post their photos, I will re-do mine with a better camera.

And my tags go to Jennifer, because she always looks good. Ramona, because she has such pretty hair. And Cheri, just so that I can see her make a face at herself.


JeanetteS said...

You are such a good sport! Glad to hear the error on your camera wasn't the camera itself!

Are you cropping in May with Get Croppin? Hope to see you there!

Dianne said...

CUTE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't even have a clue how to use my phone's camera! HA!

Paula... said...

Argh I would be lost without my camera as my phone's camera is totally useless :( Great photos Jen - I love the second one LOL

Cheri Pryor said...

you know...I came here to do your challenge. And I get tagged to take a picture of myself. Great. lol!