April 8, 2009

72 Hours

That is how long Jacob has to wear the EEG wires on his head. (that protective netting is actually taped and glued on to his head)
Fortunately for him it also means he doesn't have to shower for 72 hours.
Unfortunately for me, he knows he REALLY stinks and that is when he likes to HUG and kiss. (something I don't get often anymore...)
Now, how do I explain to him that even if he doesn't have to shower, he still needs to brush his teeth? Oh, and it must be the angle cuz my head looks HUGE in that picture. LOL
(and congrats to Leslie - who won my inspiration challenge! Go peek at her layout!)


Leslie said...

sa-weet! I won really? thanks Jennifer!

Cheri Pryor said...

Congrats, Leslie!! I totally forgot to post my layout anywhere after I finished it. Duh! lol.

Now about that head...my word verification was "headuism". Coincidence? I think not.