June 13, 2009

Clams, Crawfish and Corona!

I know many parents who have a hard time getting their children to try new foods. I am proud to say that my kid is not one of them!

So, tonight we decided to go to Crosby's for some seafood. (If you are local and haven't been there - you really should!) We knew we would get clams because Jacob loves them, as he does most pricey food. As we were paying, he asked me what the red things were. The gal that works there took one out for him to try, even going so far as to show him how to eat it. (again, it is a great place!) Of course he loved it!

I have a feeling we will be eating alot of seafood this summer because as we were leaving he asked my about the oysters.

The only way it could get better than that is some sweet corn, a game of horseshoes and sharing it with friends!


Anonymous said...

Yummers, crawfish!

Cheri Pryor said...

I'm guessing Jacob didn't get any of the Corona? lol! My kids aren't afraid of trying new things, but my dd is NOT a fan of things from the water. lol!

jennifer said...

That does not look good at all (if you ask me). I am glad Jacob likes to try new things... it's a battle with my kids.

Jordan loves crawfish, too. Come out some time for a boil. They would have a blast together!

Carrie said...

That's awesome that he loves to try new things. Love the pic of him holding it.

Lorna Arlett said...

Hey, you know we have tons of seafood here! Jared loves clams too! Come and visit me!