December 5, 2009

Life is good with a Snuggie

I have succumbed to the nagging pressure to update my blog. I have too much to say and nothing to say at all, if that makes sense. I have had really big life changes since my last post, and quite frankly it has been hard to be creative and witty.

Right now I am looking out the window in my new house, staring at the snow coming down. So fresh and pure and pretty (and cold, which is why I am inside...) Which brings me to an excellent topic... suggested by Cheri. 101 uses for snuggies... just in time for the holiday gift giving season.

1. Stay warm (duh)
2. Torture the cat (Jacob's favorite)
3. Gag a nagging friend
4. Cover a stain on the sofa
5. Cut it up for scrapbook embellishments
6. Sew the sleeves shut and give to someone for a great gag gift
7. Straightjacket for annoying relatives
8. Do like the commercial and wear it to a public event to embarrass your children
9. Customize it for a fundraiser
10. Make a YouTube Video
11. Become a flasher (a warm and cozy one)
12. Promote your new rock album like Weezer
13. Halloween costume
14. Snuggie Sutra (sex and the Snuggie)
15. Host a Snuggie party (like a toga but warmer and so much sexier)
16. Build a fort
17. Wear it with your Crocs and hit the fashion catwalk (see number 13)
18. Stitch two together (one upside down) and have holes for your legs, too.

Did she really think I could come up with 101? Um, I got nothing else. Maybe you can add to thelist. And if you have some time to waste (more than reading my blog) ... go watch the snuggie pun video.

This is Jacob today. You are going to have to trust that is him under the winter garb. He picked this coat because he said it would camoglauge him in the snow. Can you see him?
We went sledding and only lasted about an hour - too cold and too wet. But, because I have a Snuggie, my hands are free to type this post and I am warm.
Life is good.


Cheri Pryor said...

YAY!!! Sorry for the nagging. I guess it worked, eh? lol!

Some more uses for snuggies:
* Buy several for the church choir to use as choir robes...still warm and can hold the hymnals.
* Cover your outside plants to keep them from freezing while still being able to water through the armhole.
* Blow your nose
* Wipe your butt
* Probably want to end it there...not sure you would want to do anything else with it once you've wiped your butt.

Happy to see you blogging again. I didn't realize you had major life changes going on or I would have let you slide. Maybe. Possibly. Oh, who am I kidding. I'm a pain in the ass.

Leslie - she sews and scraps said...

Well you do have some great suggestions there Jen!
Tell Jacob that Zach loved his coat! (me too!)
Glad to see that you blogged, and ummm you need to update again! LOL