September 3, 2011

Boys and Cooties

Isn't this the truth?

I sometimes long for the days that my chores took maybe thirty minutes a day, and "office drama" meant that my brother broke my slinky. (At the time, it was very dramatic and traumatic.)

There was no pressure on a rainy day to get stuff done. If we were stuck inside for the day, I would either read a book, play with my spirograph, or beg Mike or Robert to play a board game with me. I didn't have to worry that the lawn wasn't getting mowed or that the roof still needs repaired.

So today, I plan to think of a rain day as the opportunity that it is - the opportunity to relax, read a book, and root through old photos. Because maybe looking at cute photos like this will help me forgive my brother for breaking my slinky.

ps: like the spirograph elements on the print? They are by the uber talented
Libby Pritchett/

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