June 15, 2006

Washington Nationals

So, it has been over a year since Washington got a new baseball team and we finally made it to one of their games last night. The Washington Nationals vs the Colorado Rockies. Unfortunately, the Nats lost 14-8, but can you believe that score? For a few innings, it felt more like a basketball game than a baseball game. And check out Jacob with his big blue finger, which happened to match his blue cotton candy hands and blue snow cones lips. He also had a soft pretzel and popcorn, which you can see spilled on the seat beside him. He may have watched the game for about ten minutes total.

And I would really be remiss to not mention the real reason we were there - to hear Keni Thomas sing the National Anthem. Ok, so maybe Dave went to watch the game and Jacob went to eat junk food and try to get on the jumbotron. But for me, the highlight was hearing Keni sing the opening anthem and then sing God Bless America at the 7th inning stretch. If you haven't already heard me rave about his music and gone out to get the CD, check him out at Keni Thomas .


elsa said...

Hi Jennifer! I can't believe how big your son is getting. Where did the time go?

cmbrunker said...

See, I wondered why so many people were riding the orange line metro around 1:00 this afternoon! :o) I figured it out as soon as we got to the RFK stop. I was just trying to get home.

Jacob is getting so big. Love how grown up he looks. It is so amazing how fast they grow and both size and attitude!