June 14, 2006

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day. It is not a major holiday as far as holidays go. The Federal Government is open, as are banks and schools. But I love Flag Day as much as any of the major holidays. To me it is a day to show our pride in the flag of the United States and in everything for which it stands. It is a day to remember our veterans; a day to remember our soldiers. A day to celebrate our freedoms and a day to celebrate our diversity. So, today, look at the flags you see and take a moment to reflect on its symbolism. And while you are still imersed in deep thought, send a prayer for our soldiers and their families.

Journaling on layout reads: I bought this little flag last December, right before Rob left for Iraq. It has hung in the front yard everyday that he has been gone, a constant reminder of the sacrifice that he is making for our country. It is my daily reminder to be a better American, and my daily reminder of how much I love and miss my brother. And although it is not the proper American flag, it is the one that will hang in front of our home until Rob is back on American soil.


Cassandra said...

A big Thank you to your brother for his service. My father is a veteran-- and we honor the flag and celebrate Flag day. Your Page is awesome!

Mo said...

OH MY HEAVENS! I LOVE this!!!!! All those stars in the corner make me giddy. :) Mo