July 20, 2006

Almost toothless smile

One last front tooth is just hanging on; I really don't know what is holding it in at that odd angle. I called home last night from Kansas City and Jacob told me he wouldn't let the tooth fairy take it while I was gone. I guess it was pure will power holding it in place.

I would also like to point out that this picture was courtesy of my new Nikon D50, which I picked up on Wednesday evening. I had to wait to use it, because the battery charger was not included in the box. I can't wait to play more with it - this was just photo number two of the two I have taken thus far. I can almost guarantee that there will not be much cleaning being done around the house this weekend!


Cassandra said...

that tooth picture is FREAKY!!!! Congrats on the new camera!!!!

Jennifer said...

OMG, that tooth would give me nighbmares thinking about it. LOL. But it was sweet of him to not let it fall out while you were gone. :) Yay on the new camera!!!

Molly said...

AUGH!!! pull that tooth! LOL

Congrats on the camera!!

Briana said...

Someone else had a child that I knew that had the same problem - a wiggly holding on tooth. Love that new camera!

Heather said...

tehehe . . .kids and teeth! Ian pulled a not so loose tooth one night after going to bed, and then wondered why the TF didn't visit. That began our lost tooth celebration, which consists of a booty shake dance and "________ lost a tooth!"

Allie . . . she lost a tooth, the TF forgot to visit, and then Allie decided it was because the TF wanted to visit on her birthday. Know how hard it is to remember to wait 2.5 weeks to put money under the pillow?