July 10, 2006

Finding Inspiration

I picked up the new
Stampin' Up catalog today, with a set I had ordered last month. Can I just say that it is the reason I am up at almost 2:30 in the morning? It is such a great source of inspiration, not to mention all of the stamps that I now have to have! My very favorite may be the background stamps that they have made to kiss with other stamps and get the words facing the correct direction. You can see them on their online catalog, Page 164 and 165.

Another new thing I got was this cute apron for cropping and teaching from Amy. It has three big pockets and another little one. The link to her totes and aprons can be found by clicking on her name. Isn't the fabric an inspiration? I picked my card colors from it!


Nancyroo said...

Those cards and the apron are so cute!

Jennifer Miller said...

Love those cards... particularly the colors. ;) And I think I may need to own an apron now. How cute is that?

Jessica said...

That apron is to die for! How awesome! Love the cards that it inspired...too fun!!!

Christina said...

Darling cards! I have loving so many cool stamps from SU! Oh this is bad Jen! BAAAAAAAAADDD!

how totally cute is that apron!!!!!!

lucky girl!

Briana said...

Love those cards!! What a cool apron too!