August 2, 2006

Absolutely NO will power!

Isn't it beautiful? My scrapping friends will totally understand why I am dedicating a whole post to patterned paper. But this is not just any paper - it is exclusive paper. Paper that is only available at Recollections, paper that just arrived today.

I know I just accepted a challenge to scrap 100 pages before buying more stuff but there are necessary exceptions. Some of the exceptions are really realistic, others I just make up as I go. The exception that got me these papers is this:

Anything that is limited in supply, and therefore may not be available by the time I have scrapped 100 layouts, is allowed into the shopping basket. And I should also point out that anything bought for a gift, or to make a gift is also allowed. Who wants the first card made out of this lovely paper?


Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

Me me me!!!!


Samantha said...

Oh poo - Karen beat me to the "me, me,me!!!"

Beautiful paper and totally "exception" worthy!

Jennifer said...

Well, since I was trying to comment and was unable to do so before either of those two losers got on here to look, I think it should be me. ;) Love this paper!

Karen said...

Too little too late, Jennifer. LOL

Laura said...

wow, that IS gorgeous paper. Glad I finally found your blog. I'm a little slow sometimes!