August 28, 2006


I am always amazed at the things that come of Jacob's mouth. By way of his boy brain, I assume.

Me: Jacob, do you want a cupcake with pink icing?
Jacob: Pink kills boys.

Don't worry. He really does not believe that little statement. I am not sure who or what gave him that idea, but it certainly wasn't me. I love pink and I know it doesn't kill boys. Just look at the men's fashion in the 80's and you will know that is just isn't true.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to wish my brother a happy birthday on my last post. The response was amazing, and much appreciated. I think it is easy to not remember how much our soldiers sacrifice in the line of duty, especially when they are deployed. Sometimes something as simple as a birthday spent away from home is a good reminder.

And finally, I am off to Boston for a few days for work while Dave and Jacob try to cram in two days of fun before school starts next week. Happy Monday.


Jennifer said...

Have a great trip. We'll miss you. :) P.S. Jacob is funny.

Lynn McCorry said...

Hi Jen, I'm thrilled to have stumbled across your blog. LOL at what Jacob said. Hope you have a good trip to boston.
Lynn (Dreamweaver)

Cheryl said...

Have fun! I can't wait for you to get back!

Jacob is a funny funny kid :)

Karen said...

Haa!!! That Jacob is quite the character. Have fun in Boston!

Heather said...

ROFL . . .think you should get him the shirt that says "Chicks dig Pink!" . . .tehehe. . then he'll know why guys wear it.

Hoping the trip went well.

lmmaine said...

I am not sure that Uncle Mike wore pink either - he has those funny ideas too. Maybe it is genetic?

Aunt Louise