September 5, 2006

Can I Get a Do-over?

Today was the first day of school and in typical Virginia fashion, it was rainy and gloomy. Which really works out okay because then the kids aren't missing a sunny day. But then there are a few things about a rainy first day that make it bad.

1. It cuts in to social time at the bus stop. For me and Jacob.

2. Recess is cancelled which means the kids can't see friends they have not seen all summer. And can you imagine those teachers having to keep the kids inside all day on the first day of school.

3. Traffic sucks lemons when it rains and we had wanted to be home early to get in a new routine. and finally:

4. Photos. How can a good scrapbooker get perfect shots at the bus stop in the RAIN?

Really, can we just have a do-over without the rain? Perhaps I wouldn't have to use flash to get enough light and he wouldn't have to look like Punxsutawney Phil.


On a related note, I accepted a challenge by Sam to scrap a digital page. Not going to say I hate it, but I need my ink and paper.

Supplies: 2ps Jessica, Two Peas Journaling Dingbats, Ribbon Happy, Digital Elements from Eve Recinella Designs and Kellie Mize.


Jeanette said...

Nice digi-layout! I too have accepted a challenge to do a digital layout but have yet to get around to doing it. I'm hoping Ashlie's Photoshop classes at the crop in a couple of weeks will help inspire me!

Jennifer said...

There is nothing to hate about this page. I think it turned out perfect. And bummer about the rain. That's how it usually works out, isn't it? Great picture nonetheless. :)

Cheryl said...

Love that page - that kit is perfect for it! That is sucky about the rain - Jacob looks handsome as ever :)