October 28, 2006

Craft Shows and Costumes

This is the after picture from Jacob's fall festival. I am afraid I was laughing a bit too much while trying to take the picture, so it is a little fuzzy. He had his fall festival last night, and once again I was stuck in rainy day DC traffic. So, Dave had to get him ready. He did a great job - (with the exception of the robe being on backwards) and Jacob looked just scary enough. All the kids were staring at his face - because where those red marks show - there were gross scabby gashes of human flesh. As we were walking at the festival, I couldn't help but wonder why some of them go for the scare factor, and others are dressed as cartoon characters. I am the biggest ninny when it comes to scary movies, so he can't get it from me! I'll just blame all those Scooby Doo movies when he was a toddler.

And I finally bought another pack of Deluxe Designs retro chipboard shapes for this layout (I had put two of them on and just felt it needed three!) There is something I love about this picture, grumpy as he is. Perhaps because I see that look too often and am glad I could capture it to show him someday when he has kids. And I have to hold on to the hope that someday he will like having his picture taken again.


Angelia said...

Thank goodness my girls veer toward characters or princesses. I'd have a hard time with the gross stuff ;)
Can you email me? momtwoangels@yahoo.com

Cheryl said...

HAAAAAA!!! That "look" is too much - my Jacob is often sporting the very look. It does look better with an added star - I love this page Jen, makes me think I might need some retro stuff ;)

Oh and "laughing" is what caused the fuzzy, eh? ;)

Tara said...

I like the retro look for that page - very nice. Great photo of your son! HA! I just wanted to say thanks so much for your kind words on my blog the other day.

Jennifer said...

I am happy to say that my boys have yet to be interested in scary. But Jacob looks pretty good. Dave did well. :)

Love love love that layout. The stars look perfect!