October 20, 2006

Eating like a King

I love the conversations I have with Jacob at bedtime. For some reason, he gets even chattier at this time. It could be that I finally have his full attention. Or it could be that he knows a conversation will prolong bedtime. Whichever the case, the conversations often have me laughing. For instance, this is from last night:

J: I eat like a king.
Me: What do you mean?
J: I eat alot of junk food.
Me: (jaw slacking in the dark) You do?
J: But I eat certain healthy foods.
Me. That's good. Like what?
J: Chinese broccoli (that means take out food drenched in high sodium sauces)
J: {Pausing}... and Watermelon

Whew! That watermelon (which I have never seen him eat) saved my entry for Mother of The Year.


Coleen Thompson said...

Hi there! 1st time at your blog. I love your LO's they are so fresh and clean looking.

Funny, my son is VERY chatty at bedtime and that is whe nwe have our most sentimental moments. I make note of all the "special" conversations we have, and most of them stem from bedtime conversations. I have also thought about the prolonging bedtime aspect of it. I have figured out a method: his bed fake bedtime (the time we tell him) is 8:30, his REAL bedtime is 9:00. This way we still have 1/2 hour to get ready for bed, read a bit and have our nice chat too.

Nice to know Watermelon saved the day!

Lynn said...

Aren't kids priceless :) Aww, I'm sure you'll make mum of the year...one year LOL


Nancyroo said...

ha, ha! Love your new blog banner- gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

HAAA!!! I love Jacob. If he Kendra and Lucas were to get together, I'm sure they could take over the world.

Paula said...

ROFL that's priceless :)