October 23, 2006

The Weekend

The weekend was decidedly too short. Or does it only seem that way because there is so much to do in October on the weekend? I made a really good attempt at jamming some of my favorite activities in to this past weekend.

Craft shows. Love them best in the fall. I went to an indoor one on Saturday with my friend Anna and her friend Nancy. Here is one of my purchases... I call him Jack.

Unfortunately, October also means the start of Christmas season for Dave. That means he works way too many hours to be able to fully enjoy the best month of the year (IMHO.) But yesterday, I pressured him in to leaving early and we went to the corn maze in The Plains

This was our first visit to this particular maze and it was not easy! We spent 50 minutes wandering around before we made it out. Perhaps because we let Jacob lead the way.


Lelsie said...

Jacob is just the cutest Jen and you ALWAYS have the best Fall and Christmas decorations!

Cheryl said...

Love Jack! And that is such a cute picture of Jacob! :)

Jim, Les & Zach said...

that was me on the first post Jen! I let Zach type in my name and he tried typing fast! LOL...sorry!