January 19, 2007

Moose Tracks and Kool-aid

Those two things do not seem to go together, do they?
Yet here I sit, thinking about both of them.

I consider myself an expert in the area of Moose Tracks. I am not talking about the big brown animals that live in the Northern parts of the continent. I am talking about the ice cream. More specifically, vanilla ice cream with swirls of dark chocolate and little peanut butter cups. Tonight, Dave went to the newly modeled Bloom by our house, formerly Food Lion. He purchased their brand of Moose Tracks. If you have never believed me about ANYTHING before now, believe me now. It does not even come close to the tastiness of Safeway brand. It was so bad, I only had two scoops.

And why am I thinking of Kool-aid? I am about to mix up a little bowl of some black cherry to use on some cards. Curious? Here is an article I did for ScrapJazz on how to use the mix as dye.
Kool-aid Dye-namics


Jennifer said...

Those projects are awesome, Jen! Such a cool article. And bummer about the ice cream. Only 2 scoops????? That's a travesty.

Cheryl said...

You are a creative genius. And I think Moose Tracks and KoolAid are a fine mix ;)