January 22, 2007

Sneek Peeks

This time of year is always exciting in the crafting world, as stores and manufacturers prepare for CHA! There are so many sneek peeks all over the place that my keyboard is constantly covered in drool.

I am very excited about one in particular - the new idea book from Fiber Scraps! And also exciting is the release of some fabulous new EZ Tintz colors! (white and black are two!) Look for them soon as a store near you, or online at Fiber Scraps.

And a sneek peek of a different nature. This is one of four projects I did for an upcoming article on Scrapjazz.


Wendy Malichio said...

Love all the sneak peeks! That little ScrapJazz one looks very cute! I'll have to check it out, I just love your articles!

Jennie Gift said...

Hey that jar looks very fimilar :)

Hope your having a great week.

deb said...

look super cute! Just found your blog. Fun and inspiring stuff. :)