January 25, 2007


I have been tagged by Korie to list six weird things about myself. I am sure she is going to regret this, because I am not sure it is stuff the internet world really needs to see. Don't worry, it is all pg-rated like the rest of my life. Here goes.

1. My meat must be at 9:00 on my plate before I can begin eating. Yes, I know that it does not affect the taste one iota, but there you have it.

2. One of my favorite sandwiches was Peanut Butter and Miracle Whip. I am not fibbing. Actually, one time in college, a guy friend didn't believe me and I decided to prove to him that I do eat said sandwiches. My timing was not the best, as I had just consumed at least a gallon of cheap keg beer. I really don't care for them anymore.

3. I only stop for gas at station on the right hand side of the road. I am not superstitious or anything. I just cannot stand to waste time waiting for a left hand turn opportunity to arise.

4. I don't like reality TV. I personally don't consider this weird, but I know most of you will think it the epitome of strange.

5. I get an Elvis look in photographs, which is why I don't like my photo taken. My lip curls up on one side, and my eyelids droop. I love Elvis, but could live without the cruddy photos.

6. I cannot stand drawers and cupboard doors that are left open. Dave - if you are reading this - please go close all of your dresser drawers because I know they are all open.

So there you have it. You can offically call me weird and I will not take offense.

Now (giggling gleefully) I can tag Cheryl, Jennifer and Sam (because she has not updated her blog in way too long).


Cheryl said...

Okay, I am dying laughing at some of these.

PB&M sandwiches. That is just wrong.

I am with you on the gas thing. I hate left hand turns.

I too have a droopy eye in photos.

I chronically leave cupboard doors open. Drives my husband batty.

Jennifer said...

You are weird! LOL. Actually, I have a lot of those same quirks so I am starting to feel more normal. :)

Korie said...

Sweet! Someone with a crazier food OCD!
BTW, my hubby's pet peeve is that he hates open drawers & cupboards. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that leaves every cupboard in my house open (it saves time when I need something... surely a woman who only gets gas on the right side of the street can understand that!)

Misti said...

That is too funny about the PB&M sandwich. A girl I babysat once asked for one & I actually called her mom to see if it was okay because it sounded too wierd! Lo & behold it was a sandwich the both enjoyed. LOL

Leslie said...

ok I think I tasted a little vomit when reading that sandwich one. and you look nothing like Elvis girl...you're much cuter! I too think reality TV is a bit weird and don't watch hardly any of it. lesfitz

Jeanette said...

I don't care for reality TV either. Now the PB & mayo sandwich, I can't say I've ever tried one but can understand why you don't care for them anymore. I had the same experience with beer and hot dogs. Hot dogs do not look the same to me anymore.

Lynn said...

Loved reading about you *weirdness* Jen LOL I personally love reality shows. I guess I live vicariously through the people hahah

Don't know about the Peanut butter and Miracle whip sandwiches although I love peanut butter with banana.

Paula Clark said...

WOOHOO I thought I was the only person that didn't watch or like reality TV!!! I'm totally with you on the cupboard door thing - I hate them being left open. Hello they were put there to hide the junk!!!