March 17, 2007


I am a fan of Easter Baskets. Which is odd considering that I do not like pastel colors in general. But since I am also a fan of tradition, I avoid the temptation to buy new ones every year. So we put out the same Easter Baskets each year for the Easter Bunny to fill with yummies.
This year, I am not sure I can be so strong. Cute baskets are everywhere! I did succumb and buy this basket as on organizer for my scrapbook room at Marshall's. I plan to use it for embellishments and small jars. The label at the top will be altered because I don't plan to keep eggs in it.
I found a few online that would also be great organizers.
I am off to Orlando for a few days for work. When I come back, I expect the cold weather and snow to be gone from Virginia!


Jennifer said...

Have fun in Florida! I love that organizer. I bet it will be so cute when you fill it up.

Cheryl said...

Very cute - I think I need one of those! Did you make a new label for it yet?

Have fun on your trip!

Lynn said...

I love the organiser Jen. Look forward to seeing how your alter the top of it :) Hope you have a good time in Orlando. BTW, love your banner girl :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I need one of these. Any left a Marshall's? Do I dare go???
Chat with you soon and have fun in Florida.

Jeanette said...

That is a fabulous idea! I'm not much for pastels either but I always find myself looking and buying easter baskets. Actually for storage.

Anonymous said...

That will work great as an organizer!

anderjam said...

I heard its supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow!
this is crazy!

Oh my gosh, how CUTE is that stand!!!

Paula Clark said...

Oooh this is cute - what a great idea for an organiser :)