March 12, 2007


Dave is going to kill me for sharing this little tidbit, but he is really afraid of spiders. So much so that when we see one on the floor in the family room, it is his feet that go up on the sofa. Fortunately, I can usually convince Beau or Cocoa to go hunting and I don't have to be the one to go in for the kill. I have actually picked on Dave to the point of being *ahem* not nice in the past. So, is it any wonder that when Jacob had a bad dream last night, he told me there was a spider in it? And when the story was re-told tonight to Dave, it became a million little spiders? I love the sick, twisted sense of humor my kid has inherited from me.

One time in college I sent Dave a handmade card that on the outside was very pretty. "Roses are red, Violets are blue..." and then on the inside I glued a big plastic spider and wrote "I hope this spider, scared the @#$! out of you." Ah, good times.

And speaking of cards, I made a few last week and just got around to taking a photo.

The St. Patrick's Day card is for my mother in law, who is Irish. The shamrock stamp is from Judikins, and the alpha stamps are from Stampin Up.

The pink card says "Every Hour" inside, which is a rub on from Creative Imaginations, as are the flowers. Trees are from Hero Arts and are decorated with pink seed beads.

The Hello card uses a Stampin Up stamp, Making Memories rub-ons and Twinkling H2Os. The scalloped edge is just circles tucked under the edge. I knew I bought that 16 punch circle set for a reason many years ago!


Jennifer said...

Man! You are mean! But thanks for the tip. I have a bag full of plastic spiders that my sister sent for Halloween. Perhaps I will lay a fdw on Dave's pillow when yuo come to visit? How does he feel about cockroaches? :)

LOVE the cards.

Leslie said...

Ok I am lovin' that shamrock card! fabulous!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh your cards are gorgeous, as always - love that tree stamp! And I am dying at the card you sent Dave.

Paula Clark said...

Gorgeous cards Jen :) I had a good chuckle at the wording on your spider card - too cool :) Dayna just bought herself a snake to love and called him "Cuddles" LOL - considering he's a python, I thought it was kinda cute :)

Cassandra said...

I am married to the king of the Spider Wussies...and I am TOTALLY stealing your poem/card idea {insert evil grin} for our Anniversay!!!!