May 25, 2007

We have a winner!

Isn't the new banner beautiful?????? Thanks to Libby for designing this work of art for my blog banner contest! I love how she worked the anniversary edition in to the title, and that she used flowers. Jacob liked that the flowers weren't pink (sorry, Jennifer!) and that the brown is like dirt ;) Of course, that is a totally good thing in my opinion, too! You know how I like yard work and all.

Her supplies:
paper/flowers/brads: Weeds & Wildflowers
cardboard: LindaGB.
Fonts: Plastique, Army, BlackJack

Thanks for everyone that played along!


Libby Weifenbach said...

YIPPIE! Thanks Jen!! I'm glad Jacob liked the "dirt" look (I'm just going to pretend that I was TOTALLY thinking that while designing it). Glad you liked it!

Faith said...

Cool header. I was going to play but didn't have time. How many entries did you get? I'd love to see all of them. =)

Jennifer said...

Awesome banner, Libby! Even if the flowers aren't pink. ;)

Anonymous said...

Libby did an awesome job!