November 1, 2007

Halloween night

Did anyone else think Halloween was a bit strange with the clocks not turned back yet? We usually begin at about 6:30 and stay out until 8:00, but last night we waited until it was dark, after 7:00! Maybe it was just strange because Jacob has been sick and we only let him go to a few houses. Whatever the reason, it was a strange night, with very few trick or treaters at our house compared to past years. I think that must be why Jacob got so much candy - everyone was giving double to get rid of it. See his stash?

And just a few more photos from last night. Jacob was Buccaneer Bones, but insisted on wearing his hat with dreadlocks under the scarf. I insisted on the hooded sweatshirt underneath the thin costume. Dave is just weird. Ok, he does look like a hockey player, doesn't he?

And November 1 means a new banner. This one has a photo of us taken a few weeks ago by my friend Lorna! (I recently took an online class from Big Picture Scrapbooking and a family photo shoot was one of the assignments.) Digital elements are from Corina Neilson.


Cheryl said...

Great shots! Love your new banner :) Dave definitely looks like a hockey player (but should be wearing a helmet ;)

Di said...

You are a GORGEOUS family!!!!!
Love your banner!
Your dudes look WAY COOL!

Jolene said...

Love ur sons costume! I like pirates! LOL.
PS...Ur hubbys quite the hottie! LOL

Lorna Arlett said...

Awww! love the pirate costume! and the banner is great too! good picture! :)

Anonymous said...

There weren't a lot of kids out in our neighborhood either. weird

Cassandra said...

I love your new banner!