November 5, 2007

Poor Little Sick Kid

Jacob has been sick, sick, sick. We took him to the doctor twice last week, Thursday and Friday. On Thursday he didn't have a temperature but on Friday it was 102.5. The diagnosis was "almost pneumonia." He is so tired of being in bed and is even tired of watching TV and playing his DS. We have tried to keep him entertained with card games, reading, Mad Libs and checkers. Hopefully, he will be better to go to school on Wednesday (there is no school today or tomorrow.)

And in other exciting home news, our new carpet is being installed tomorrow in our dining room and game room/library. It is a long time overdue! Unfortunately, that means we are moving furniture tonight because they wanted an extra $300 to do it. I am part Scottish, you know.


Nancyroo said...

poor little guy! Hope he is better soon!

Di said...

Those red cheeks! OH NO!

Anonymous said...

He looks so sweet, too bad he's not feeling well. Hope he's better quick.

Cheryl said...

Oh he's so flushed! Poor little dude. I hope he's feeling better. And obviously you aren't THAT Scottish. hahaaa!