November 6, 2007

So Grateful

As I was browsing blogs yesterday, I found a simple challenge at KI Memories and it could not have been more perfect timing.

Sometimes when life is at its busiest, it is easy to forget how blessed I am in this life. I am by nature, a very optimistic person. Even though I love playing Devil's advocate to see the negative aspect in my decisions, it is almost impossible for me to let those overshadow the positive. (unless it is just a plain stupid idea) With Jacob sick, the holiday season creeping up, the pressure of being without a staff member at work, taking time to get on the treadmill everyday, and a new venture... I have found myself being negative and grumpy.

But enough of negativity.

Even though Jacob is sick, he is a healthy kid.
Even if Dave is busier at the holidays, they are a beautiful time of year.
Even with work pressure, I am lucky to have a job I love.
Even if the treadmill eats up time, it also eats up pounds.
And the new venture will be fun and put a little extra cash in my pockets for new wood floors.

Back to the challenge. I took it... kind of. I jotted down five things that make me grateful. I didn't think too hard on them, and kept it as just five like it said. I didn't go back and elaborate. This simple list was all I needed to make me happy again.

ps: I should have added I am grateful the carpet tacks I stepped on were not rusty! How is that for being positive?


Leslie said...

I love this page Jen! This was something I kind of blogged about today...scrapping your faith. To me that includes doing a page on your blessings and the things you're grateful for (for whatever reason). This page is simple and to the point! Wonderful job.

Cheryl said...

I need to make one of those positivity lists these days. That is the most beautiful layout - I love every last bit of it!

Lorna Arlett said...

great layout! I need to make a positive list!! thanks for inspiring! Hey, did the list of childrens stamps help?

Anonymous said...

LOL A true optimist! Beautiful page!

deb said...

Wonderful! What a nice post. I love the page design too - simple yet nicely put together.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful layout and awesome list!