December 14, 2007

Decorating with Echo... part 1

Today was the day I have been dreading for the past two months. The first day to decorate the house for Christmas, much later this year than any year in the past. Usually, I adore decorating for Christmas. I love each and every little holiday item we have collected over the years.

Yesterday, I called the vet and set up Echo's appointment for drugs surgery on Tuesday. I fully intended to begin then, and not a moment sooner, having lived through the Christmas of Cocoa Cat. The same Christmas season in which our tree toppled three times because of aforementioned kitten. When stuff breaks, I learn my lesson fast. I was determined to give Echo a very limited opportunity for destruction and mayhem.

But while I was in Orlando last weekend, Dave pulled out all of the boxes. Jacob has been asking his daily question. "When are we going to decorate?" Like any good candidate for Mother of the Year, I tried to ignore his pleas. I caved while he was at Scouts tonight.

I give to you exhibit A.

Time placed on mantle: 7:45 pm

Time knocked off mantle by kitten trying to climb stocking: 9:10 pm.

I am sure I will have exhibit B for you by the morning, and that is with only the mantle and family room decorated so far.

ps: Jacob says the deer now looks like a girl and I should move it behind the boys (the ones with antlers still attached). I wonder if eight is too young to start learning about women's lib and all of that stuff?


Di said...

Pets are rather destructive little beasts, huh?
We've lost a few ornaments so far this year. Totally beyond repair.

Tammy said...

and tell little Jacob that when he grows up and decorates his OWN house, he can have the decorations however HE wants! LOL
My cat does the same our decorations that we put out are limited this year because of that and going home this weekend for the holidays....and who wants to put away christmas decorations after returning from a carribean cruise!
(oh, and my DH says, its because he's a grinch too!) LOL

Cheryl said...

Oh no! Well, it does kind of look like Bambi's mama now...I think maybe both of our Jacob's should be enrolled in a women's lib class pronto - Jake told me yesterday that there was EVEN GIRLS trying out for track and field. I hope he gets beat by one of those GIRLS. ;)

Louise Maine said...

Hmmm...I hope he meets alot of opinionated girls and female teachers here soon. They can tell him like it is!

We don't have a cat in the house, but if we let the ferrets loose, they are just as bad!

Jennifer said...

Kittes are fun, aren't they.
Almost as fun as kids. :)

Paula (poncho) said...

ROFL pets! Our worst at the moment is a budgie who tried to land on the garlands hanging from the light fittings :-P So did you buy a special piece for your prized collection this year?