January 7, 2008

Get Ready for Groundhog's Day!

I had lunch today with a few ladies whom I met through work. I have known both of them for years, but what I didn't know is that one of them is a Groundhog's Day baby! I always think it is so cool to meet people that were born on the day that honors a fine rodent named Phil.

Do you know anyone with a Feb 2 birthday? You may want to shop soon at Groundhog Stuff this year for a unique gift!

My favorite gift item is the Groundhog cookie cutter. Just bake a batch of gingerbread cut-out cookies, using this cutter, then gift the birthday boy or girl with the cookies and the cutter! Be sure to give your cookies heart by placing a cinnamon heart on its little chest. It is a unique gift that will be used every year.

The there is the annual Phil beanie baby. What? You didn't know they had a new one every year? And only in Punxsutawney can you get the special ones with the red bow tie! I think that is what they sell on this site - but you might want to call to check that before you buy!

And of course, let them wear their birthday with pride with one of these cute shirts. The groundhog may look a little spastic, but wouldn't you if you were forced to get up so early to predict the weather, and in front of thousand of people on live national TV?

And speaking of the Weather Capital of the World, here is a layout I did from a visit a few years ago. The little statue is in the park downtown, right by the Groundhog Zoo.


Paula (poncho) said...

Phil is so cute - you know I'd never even heard of groundhog day until I saw the movie with Bill Murray. Love the LO too - very cool :)

Lorna Arlett said...

okay first of all, I love the music you have on right now, second cute layout! that cookie cutter is so adorable! it makes me want to bake.....hmmm maybe not, havent done any baking this year! LOL

Jennifer said...

You know, Joseph was supposed to be born on Feb 2 and I didn't even realize that was Groundhog Day. How long have I known you?? Some fun stuff there! Way to spur the economy of Punxsy. :)

Leslie Herbert said...

Well you are the reason I know about GroundHog day and the reason I remember it! :)
I really need to catch up on your blog, sorry I am so behind!
Biggest Hugs to you!

Cassandra said...

Just leaving you a virtual hug---just in case you needed one today ;-)

Leslie said...

sending good thoughts and lots of love through the web for you.