January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a fun New Year's Eve!

We spent the weekend at my brother's house in Pennsylvania, eating and playing Wii. And to prove to you how exciting we really are... we watched the Back to the Future trilogy on New Year's Eve. We all made it to midnight, although several family members had to be elbowed just before midnight to partake in the celebrations. Now that I think about it, only Jacob toasted in the new year - with chocolate milk and a hard boiled egg. He has all the makings of a party animal someday, don't you think?

And not even a single photo to show all these good times. Which reminders me that I am supposed to be starting my photo a day album, the one I created last year for Scrapjazz. Who wants to join me?

Each year I pick a word to live by for that year. In 2007 it was GIVE, and I think I really did give last year, although I think I could have done better. In 2008, my word is GROW. I want to use this year to expand in my abilities, to learn, to grow to be a better person. A high goal, but probably easier than saying I will get on the treadmill everyday. Of course, if I don't do that - I may grow in a way I don't want!

The new banner uses a Jessica Sprague freebie paper, SP Snowball Fight and Times and Times Again fonts.


Cassandra said...

Just had to stop by and check out your awesome January header!

Chocolate milk and an egg, huh?

Faith said...

oooh...pretty header. love that!

Jeanette said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to reconnecting with you in 2008 and catching up with you next month!!!!

Leslie said...

a word to live by for the year...what an interesting idea! Love the new header!

Jennifer said...

Lovw the new banner and I like the idea of the photo a day challenge. Of course, I am 8 days lae. Can I still do it? ;)